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Pearl Richman and her daughter Maxie - who are by no means Jewish scholars - are passionate and dedicated students of kindness, love, and inclusivity. Pearl has been a teacher for almost 35 years and has nurtured a love of children and creativity in Maxie, who is currently pursuing her Masters in Child Study and Education at The University of Toronto. With a plethora of mutual interests that include styling, design, writing, and advocacy, Pearl and Maxie set out to modernize the Passover Haggadah you’ve been using for decades by curating The Haggadah Collective. It is infused with a chic, contemporary aesthetic and is grounded in the ever important concepts of diversity, equality, and acceptance.

Their love of kids inspired them to create a vibrant companion Haggadah too, called Hug-It-Out, which is a love letter to the children who sit at our Passover table and who learn about Judaism from us with great curiosity and awe. Constantly inspired by the people they love, and the magical traditions they inherited from Pearl’s own mother Lil, Pearl and Maxie look forward to sharing this passion project with you. As you welcome the The Haggadah Collective and Hug It Out into your homes and hearts this year, they hope you will savour the unique mix of tradition and modernity that will adorn your Passover table for. years to come.