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The Hug-It-Out Doodlemat - Pack of 2


The Hug-It-Out Doodlemat for Kids of ALL ages

Inspired by Hug-It-Out, a Li’l Haggadah for Kids, these placemats are reusable, fun and designed to keep your little ones close to you at the Seder table!
Colour, wipe, begin again!

Inspired by the vibrancy of Hug-It-Out, your kids will be engaged throughout your Seder, colouring and “uncolouring” key concepts of the their Li’l Passover Haggadah!
AND, they have their own art gallery on the back to further inspire creativity and imagination.

1 package includes 2 Doodlemats

The Hug-It-Out Doodlemat - Pack of 2: $14
Add pack of Crayola Ultra Clean Markers: $21

What You Need:
Crayola Ultra Clean Markers
Slightly damp (with water) paper towel. That’s it!